Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermont is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in the US. Vermont syrup meets high standards of quality, purity and density. Vermont’s maple syrup is 100% natural with nothing added. Our climate and soil conditions are perfect for producing the best maple syrup. Sugaring helps Vermont to maintain it’s rich agricultural heritage and beautiful landscape.

You can serve our Vermont maple syrup hot or cold. Syrup keeps for over a year, and should be refrigerated once opened.

    • Golden with Delicate Taste


      Light amber color, delicate maple bouquet. Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on pancakes, waffles & ice cream.

    • Amber with
      Rich Taste


      Medium Amber color, pronounced maple bouquet. Characteristic maple flavor for all around use.

    • Dark with
      Robust Taste


      Dark Amber color, robust maple bouquet with heartier maple flavor, very popular for table and all around use.

    • Very Dark with Strong Taste


      The strongest and darkest table grade maple syrup with rich maple flavor for cooking.

When you buy maple syrup you want to be assured of quality and taste. That’s why real Vermont maple syrup is the best quality for you. We take special care in making pure Vermont maple syrup for all your cooking needs.

A drizzle of some on pancakes, waffles and ice cream is essential and when you buy from us you can be assured that you are getting the purest, highest quality and most delicious maple syrup Vermont can produce. There really is nothing quite like a bottle of pure maple syrup from the state of Vermont. Our maple syrup is deliciously sweet, you won’t be disappointed when you order a bottle from us.

Vermont has some of the finest and oldest maple trees in the United States and we have been collecting the sap from thousands of them to make real Vermont maple syrup for our customers for decades. The trees store the starch their trunks and roots in colder climates which in turn rises to sap in the spring.

To collect the sap, we bore holes into the trunks and let it naturally flow out into our buckets, we then take it to our sugarhouse and begin a process of boiling the sap to evaporate the excess water, what is left is the concentrated syrup, which we bottle and export all over the world to our valued customers.

We have Vermont maple syrup grades so we can make sure you are getting the finest quality maple syrup. Our grading system lets you know exactly the type of maple syrup that is best for you. In the United States, maple syrup is divided into two major grades which are Grade A and Grade B. The A grade is divided into three sub-grades.

Our Vermont Grade A Fancy maple syrup is one of our four Vermont Maple syrup grades we sell, It is a beautiful light amber color and when you open the bottle you’ll get a delicate whiff of maple bouquet. The taste is a delightfully mild maple flavor that will compliment your pancakes and waffles beautifully.

Our next grade is grade A Medium Amber, which is a medium amber color and a more pronounced Maple bouquet. This is our all round maple syrup that goes well on your pancakes and can be used in cooking.

The Grade A Dark Amber is a dark amber color and a fantastically rich, hearty Maple flavor which is popular for the table and for cooking. Our strongest maple syrup is the Grade B which is the darkest table grade. Pure Vermont maple syrup at its finest, this grade is best for cooking but if you like the full on maple flavor, you can use it at the table. To get this purity, it is made late in the sugaring season when the maple sap is thinner so twice as much of the maple sap must be boiled to produce this maple syrup of equal sweetness. This concentrates the bold flavor.

There are other syrups you will see in grocery stores that are marketed as maple syrup. These syrups are not maple syrup as they usually contain no maple content at all and if you read their ingredients you’ll see that they are filled with high fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners that do the body no good at all. Our maple syrup contains nothing but maple syrup, there are no artificial ingredients, sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup in a bottle of Vermont maple syrup and that is our guarantee. Our maple syrup is bottled and produced from the maple trees that grow all over the state of Vermont and we add nothing except what the tree gives us in the bucket which nature itself has guaranteed is all natural, sweet maple syrup goodness.

Vermont pure maple syrup has a high concentration of nutrients, more so than any other maple syrup you’ll find on the market and a scientific study has shown that pure maple syrup has natural antioxidants that inhibit certain enzymes found in type II diabetes. Vermont’s fine maple trees produce this naturally in their sap and the nutrients don’t get lost when we boil the sap to evaporate the excess water and produce the finest, purest, delicious and top quality maple syrup. Vermont is the largest producer of Maple syrup in the United States and it stands to reason that our maple syrup is the finest, purest and highest quality you will find anywhere.

Making Vermont pure maple syrup is a time honored tradition that goes back decades and it is our mission to supply you with the finest maple syrup Vermont has to offer. The process involves collecting the sap from one of Vermont’s plentiful maple trees, the maple sap is collected by the bucket load and brought to one of our sugar houses and carefully boiled to evaporate the water which leaves the delicious maple syrup that Vermont is known for.

Our maple syrup comes in four sizes from a small pint to a large gallon. Order a pint of Vermont maple syrup if you like to use syrup frugally. Our quart size is for those of us who like a little bit more on our pancakes, a half gallon is best for those of us with small families who love the taste and a gallon is best for a small restaurant or pancake house.