Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

Vermont Maple Syrup is categorized into 4 grades:

  • Golden with Delicate Taste – Formerly Vermont Grade A Fancy Maple Syrup
    Light amber color, delicate maple bouquet. Delightfully mild maple flavor, excellent on pancakes, waffles & ice cream.
  • Amber with Rich Taste – Formerly Vermont Grade A Medium Amber
    Medium Amber, pronounced maple bouquet. Characteristic maple flavor for all around use.
  • Dark with Robust Taste –  Formerly Vermont Grade A Dark Amber
    Dark Amber color, robust maple bouquet with heartier maple flavor, very popular for table and all around use.
  • Very Dark with Strong Taste – Formerly Vermont Grade B
    The strongest and darkest table grade maple syrup with rich maple flavor for cooking.

Grading standards are the same for most of the United States. The state of Vermont Department of Agriculture uses a similar grading system of color and taste. The grade “Golden with Delicate Taste” is similar in color and taste to U.S Grade A Light (Fancy). The Vermont grading system differs from the U.S. in maintaining a higher standard of product density. Vermont maple is boiled longer for a thicker product.